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As we travel around the continent and speak with Higher Education web, marketing and IT specialists, CRM selection, support and overhead seem to be the most common pain points. Whether it’s the problem of having to use numerous systems to support, or high license and support costs, it is clear that open source CRM has not really taken hold in higher education as of yet. As a result, last year we embarked on the development of the massively used and supported CiviCRM Drupal module.

Now we are pleased to introduce our new HigherEd CiviCRM module to the community. Like our HigherEd CMS we didn’t invent a new system, we chose one of the most popular open source CRM’s available, made sure it plugs into Drupal and other open source platforms, and then spent the time to develop the configuration and functionality that colleges and universities need.

Naturally, it does require some work to customize and setup for each organization, but after that, the school has a standard open source CRM platform it can deploy and extend across the organization, without licensing costs or large support overhead.

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