University of Toronto Faculty of Information: Improved site performance and content

The multi-layered process that the evcconsulting team took us through has resulted in some significant improvements to our online presence – and has allowed us collaboratively to understand the best approach to improving our SEO, site content, navigation and performance. By interviewing internal and external key stakeholders, digging deep into our site’s functionality, while keeping in mind branding, goals and objectives, evcconsulting put us on the path to having a stronger website.

Seamus Ross, Dean, Faculty of Information Science (iSchool), University of Toronto

The iSchool at the University of Toronto represented a real opportunity to collaborate with a team of information science experts to jointly improve various aspects of their existing site. Our Inception Phase Audit process really helped to identify improvements, unify thinking on the site and provide a framework within the institution to improve on what existed.

The activities of the inception audit were as follows:

  • Web and social media Best Practice reports that compared peer organizations in Canada and internationally, making incisive recommendations.
  • An indepth analysis and critique of the site architecture and user interfaces and development of a new information architecture and user interfaces.
  • A review of content/interaction/conversion gaps with recommendations.
  • A review of current site traffic patterns and behaviors with recommendations.
  • Keyword analysis.
  • On-page optimization analysis

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