EVC Consulting works with universities and colleges around the world who understand the power and popularity of offering online, page-turning, interactive digital publications. The rapid adoption rate of portable reading devices since 2010 suggests it's time to get viewbooks ready for the digital world.

The use of e-readers and tablets is increasing at a rapid rate into 2013. These devices are no longer seen as niche products but have become wildly popular and successful consumer devices.

Put your publication ahead of the curve. Reap the benefits of EVC's publishing services with live web and email links, high quality audio, video and graphic content, cross-device viewing options and more.

Convert your magazines, course catalogues and more with a simple PDF file. Then enhance your publication with links, videos and audio. Don't worry, we're here to help you out along the way.

Reach your alumni with a digital version of your alumni magazine or reach students across the world with EVC Consulting's new iPad App.

The price of your E-publication can vary depending on the number of pages included in your publication. We have prepared a calculator with the formula used to determine the total cost of your project. Please make use of the calculator and we will confirm the costs with you when we review your file.

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions, including the one that every client asks: "Can I add links to my digital publication?"

Add your publication to the Canadian Universities and Colleges iPad app by simply uploading your document using the form in this section.

View a demo of Smithsonian's American Indian Magazine. Similar to a post-secondary institution's Viewbook, Smithsonian's American Indian Magazine features a beautiful layout featuring images and text with options for audio, video and more.

From time-to-time we schedule live webinars where you can interact with the audience and throw questions at our presenters.

Missed one of our webinars? Browse our collection and download a webinar that interests you.

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